About conference

Music Psychology

Music psychology is an interdisciplinary field that combines research in psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology, neuroscience, physics and computer science, as well as aesthetics, philosophy and musicology. We invite scholars and all others interested in perception of music, musical development, musical emotions, musical preferences, or more practical aspects such as psychological work with the performer and the use of music in film and marketing to join us in Katowice.

Polish Music Psychology

Polish music psychology has a long tradition in Poland. Maria Manturzewska is well known for her research both in Poland and abroad, as well as for psychological counselling in Polish music schools. Among other Polish scholars in the field of music psychology there can be mentioned: Andrzej Rakowski as well as Kacper Miklaszewski, Barbara Kaminska, and Kinga Lewandowska.

Aims of the PsychoMuzy conference

PsychoMuzy – a unique event – aims to show the richness and diversity of research directions of music psychology in Poland. The purpose of the conference is also to integrate the Polish music psychology community, wishing to deepen knowledge and skills. We hope that the conference will help develop both knowledge in various areas of music psychology research and the practical skills to utilize this knowledge in various areas of musical life.

Honorary Committee and Patronage

The members of the Honorary Committee are Maria Manturzewska, Jane Ginsborg, Richard Parncutt and John Sloboda – prominent music psychologists who have been active in this field for years. The converence is under the patronage of the European Society for Cognitive Sciences of Music, an international non-profit society to promote theoretical, experimental and applied research in the cognitive sciences of music.

Join us!

This two-day meeting is dedicated to a wide audience – scholars, musicians, teachers, students. We hope that PsychoMuzy will let everyone find something interesting in the programme. We would like this event to become a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of research, psychological and musical studies and professional practice.